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THE SOUL Mission

& We Practice What We Preach

Founded in 2017, Soul Bowls hopes to bring together a community of people that take pride in what they eat. We encourage people to ask: Where does my food come from? what  is my food doing for my body, and why should i eat more of it? We source local ingredients that support not only our bodies but also our community's. It is equally important to spread kindness and compassion to others, humans and animals alike. This is our reason for being a business that is 100% vegan. All of our ingredients are simply plants, aka gifts from mother earth.

100% Organic Acai

100% Organic Pitaya

100% Organic Coconut

100% Raw Soulnola

100% Raw & organic Agave

Local Produce: when in season

From our Customers


"It's love in a bowl! My mom and I can't wait to treat ourselves with amazing flavors and colors of fruit bowls."


"Best acai bowls in the area! If you haven't tried one yet, find soulbowls!"


"Experts! They seamlessly blend nutrition wth taste. Delicious and fresh. My 5 yr old loves it too so we always go for a treat."